Boulder Community Health provides comprehensive orthopedic services that support the patient from diagnosis through complete recovery. Whether you plan to visit us for a quick outpatient procedure or a major reconstruction, our specialists will ensure you have access to the full range of resources you need. See our full list of doctors to begin your treatment plan.



Boulder Community Health’s history begins in 1920, when University Regents from the University of Colorado voted to move the University Hospital from Boulder to Denver. Local residents were concerned that they would be without a hospital and in 1921 they purchased and converted the Ben Hagman residency on the corner of Broadway and Alpine into a hospital. In  1922 the hospital was sold off and the Community Hospital Association (which would later become Boulder Community Health) was started as a non-profit. 


Today, Boulder Community Health has evolved into a regional health system, with 18 locations spread throughout Boulder and Broomfield counties. In April 2014, “Boulder Community Hospital” announced it was changing its name to better reflect the aims of the hospital as a regional health provider.


Learn more here about BCH's mission, vision and core beliefs. 

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Presurgery Joint Classes aim to educate patients about their individual procedures and walk you through the steps of whattheir experience will be like with Boulder Community Health and more specifically our Orthopedic center. We believe that by educating our patients about our process and their role in their rehabilitation, they will have a more comfortable experience with us and be on their way to a quicker recovery. 


BCH offers free Pre-Surgery Joint Classes that we recommend you attend before your surgery. This class will educate you about:


  • Your medical team

  • Pre-admission and pre-surgery tests

  • What to do the night before the surgery

  • Events that occur on the day of the surgery

  • How to prevent complications from surgery

  • Preparing your home for your return after surgery

  • Medical supplies you may need after surgery

  • Rehabilitation after surgery


For the complete 2015 Pre-Surgery Joint Class Schedule, directions and parking information download the PDF. 





Your care at BCH doesn’t end when you finish surgery. Case managers and discharge planners work together to ensure your care providers and insurance company are prepared to plan your post-hospital stay care. Your physician determines when patients are medically stable enough for a discharge. Most patients who stay on the orthopedic unit can go directly home.


In some cases patients benefit from ongoing therapy provided in their home. The experienced professionals of Boulder Community Home can provide a broad range of services in the comfort of your home

At Boulder Community Health, we believe patients play a vital role in making surgery successful. The best way to actively participate in your recovery is by taking all of the necessary steps to ensure that you are well-informed. The purpose of our seminars is to address your questions and help you get the most out of your surgery.